Lately there has been a whole lot of craziness going on in the world. There is a massive amount of hate and a bit of confusion as to why things seem to be constantly falling apart. I have kept myself from blogging about these topics that way I don’t come between someone else and their opinions, because obviously we as humans are allowed to have our own views and feel the way we want to feel about certain things. You’re clearly not going to agree with everyone and not everyone is going to agree with you, That’s life. What I am going to discuss is how much we need to focus more on mental health, on being kind to one another and helping those in need of help. When you know you need to seek help… SEEK HELP. Don’t push it off any longer. I’m sorry to tell you but it will never get better on its own. You’re not going to wake up one day feeling like a whole new person and completely different. It doesn’t work that way and it never will. Look for a psychologist since that is literally what they are there for. They are here to help you. They want to help you. It’s their goal to help you. It’s not embarrassing nor should it ever be a last resort. Take your life more seriously and get help.

Parents, you need to focus more on the mental state of your children. You need to focus more on your communication with them and spending time together rather than letting them spend all their time on tablets and cellphones drowning themselves in the junk they see on social media. Be there for your kids, don’t let them get wrapped up in this extremely negative world we live in. Let them talk to you and confide in you and if they are going through issues and they refuse to speak to you about those issues, take them to talk to someone. I guarantee you, later on they will thank you for it.

This world is shitty and yes there are so many ugly and hateful people who take their anger out on everyone else when really they just need someone and psychological help. Yes, at times this world can be a horrific and frightening place but don’t ever let that distract you from all the good things out there, all the good people out there, and all the beautiful places you still have yet to see. Don’t let it distract you from being better, doing better, and loving better. Don’t let the world tear you apart.

Here is a recent quote I ran into the other day that I feel is absolutely amazing and wanted to share.

“there comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.” –Taryn Malaik

Be the change you want to see.