Antidepressants are used as a common treatment, along with psychotherapy, to help with the process of coping with depression and anxiety. Sometimes you have to try many different brands and doses to see which one is the best for you since they all have different side effects. Eventually you will find the one that works best for you. Some antidepressants are tremendously helpful in terms of dealing with your issues but obviously can’t completely take them away. You still have to get additional help to improve yourself mentally. You have to also change your life habits when taking an antidepressant which means alcohol is a HUGE no-no. Most side effects can unfortunately include weight gain, memory loss, insomnia, headaches, and sometimes it can “zombify” you. Some people only have to take them from 6 months to a year and others may have to take it the rest of their lives like myself. It’s not easy, and the effect it can have on you is insane. If you accidentally miss a dose, the next day is usually horrible. Your mood changes where you feel clammy or sick and you become more irritable and depressed. Also, if you’re taking an antidepressant you can’t just stop taking them either and no matter how well and fine you might feel, it will confuse your brain and make things worse.

Before I finally found the right medications for me, which is Prozac (for depression) Abilify (for Bi-Polar disorder) and Buspirone (for anxiety) I was testing out several medications to see which pair was right for me. It was a difficult journey but I am so glad I found the right combination for me and my problems. The most extreme side effects I have had through my different trials of antidepressants were paranoia and suicidal thoughts; it was an awful period of time for me. I had spent an extreme amount of time and money trying to figure out the root of my problems and what to do about them. I had to also spend hours and hours in extensive therapy. I had to lose friends, move through things and talk about situations that had happened to me in the past and let myself heal and become a new person.

It’s a long process to go though, and finding the right psychiatrist and psychologist without a huge wait-list is extremely difficult, but if you allow yourself to be patient it will all be worth it in the end. The Medication and therapy has been a complete life-changing experience for me so I know it can be for you as well. You just have to take the steps to improving yourself throughout the ride. Being on antidepressants for the rest of my life is not a fun thing to have to experience and I definitely envy those who don’t have to even take them but i have came to terms that if it causes me to be happy and see the true beauty in life then ill deal with the side effects and expense of it without a doubt. 

I’ve learned so much about mental health throughout my involvements and I also want everyone to know if you ever have questions or worries regarding your own mental health I’m ALWAYS here to help.

Love, Krystie