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Are you 100% ready to book? If so, You are able to go ahead and pay

your deposit now and secure your session. Or if you have

questions prior to booking, please schedule a 15 minute

phone consultation with me so i can go over

everything with you in more detail. Links to both are below:

Click HERE to pay the Session Fee now. Please allow for 24 hours to

receive an email or text message with available dates. (Session Fee covers the

Boudoir Experience. It does not include any products or

images. Products and images are sold separately)

Click HERE to schedule your consultation. (Times will vary depending on availability)


To get on the books, you will need to pay your Session Fee of

$500 or $400 (depending on chosen experience). Once deposit is

paid, your session will be reserved and you will receive a text with available dates and an email

with a Boudoir Prep Guide, Questionnaire, and full details on

the Collections that we offer.


Your Session Fee includes your 4 hour Boudoir Experience, a

Boudoir Prep Guide, Questionnaire, Professional Hair and

Makeup application (if you are choosing the deluxe session) , a

1-2 hour Session, Professional skin retouching and blemish

removal, and same day proofing Image Reveal.

Our Collections include products and digital images. Some of the

products we offer are Lay flat Photo Albums, Print Boxes,

Wall Art and more. All of our products come

from a reputable lab that is only available to

professional photographers.


My Boudoir Experience typically takes anywhere between

2-3 hours. Your session fee ($500 Deluxe or $400 standard) covers everything that is included on the day of your Session and the pre-planning process. Separate from that, I have an a la carte menu and collection menu that includes

products and digital images. Collections start at

$1200 and a la carte starts at $300. I do offer in house payment plans to fit just about

any budget.


Payment Plans are interest free and do not require a

credit check. I am able to set them up bi-weekly or

monthly leading up to your Boudoir Experience with. If

you have a specific budget in mind, we can go over those

numbers during your consultation. Because of how easy and

convenient our payment plans are, 9 times out of 10 my clients choose to go that route.


Boudoir is a powerful form of art. Through our work, we

have been able to assist women of all shapes, sizes, colors

and ages to see themselves in a new way. For some, it can be

exhilarating and fun, for others it can be a form of therapy

and healing; Sometimes it's a little of both. I have learned that the art of Boudoir is not for just one kind of woman, but

for all women that seek to learn more about themselves and

that are eager to celebrate their body and all it has done for

them. I invite you to challenge yourself to try new things (even when it's scary or intimidating), because I find that the best things in life happen outside of our comfort zone.

I want you to look back on this Experience not only years,

but decades later, and admire yourself in this moment right

now... just as you are.

Boudoir Testimonials


"Nerves will always be there before any kind of shoot but once you meet Krystie you’ll be completely blown away by how easy she is to get along with. From preshoot help to during shoot confidence boost your mind will truly change about the whole experience. Just be sure to stretch well and completely take your mind away from what you’re doing and just go with the flow. Let the feelings come out and enjoy the fun because once you see your pictures , you’ll want to start planning your next."

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