You are here because you took the plunge. You're officially scheduled to do your boudoir shoot with me, Krystie Lee! I am so stoked for the badass time we are going to have together during your shoot. Even though its an exciting day it will also make you a bit nervous, BUT I guarantee you, you will see any nervousness you might have quickly fade away within the first couple of clicks from my camera. Here's a little information and tips of what to expect with your boudoir shoot with me as your photographer.

The Session

At the beginning of your session, we will look at any props you or i brought and discuss all of your wishes for this shoot. After that, you will get changed in a seperate room and we will start all the fun! We will obviously do several outfit changes depending on your package. The studio of your choosing will have a nice temperature and be super cozy for you to get nakey! ;) I will be your posing guide, personal hype lady, and constantly make sure you look ON POINT the whole time!


After your shoot, I will literally go out of my way to get you some sneak peaks as you wait for me to finish my editing proces, i spend lot of time on your photos, making sure everything is perfect and your skin looks flawless. The final high resolution photos will be delivered to your email in a stunning online gallery where you can download your photos and order custon prints that do not come with your package. USB's/prints will be made (if included) and shipped to your address within that same week. Photo books / metal wall art will have to be ordered through me, so make sure you let me know when you're ready to create your order.

Prep Time!

Getting Ready

So you booked your shoot, now what do you do to prepare yourself?! One thing you DON'T need to do is stress. Seriously, it'll cause wrinkles... DO. NOT. Stress. Ive got you covered!

Once your booked, i will help you with everything to prepare for your day with me! I am here for you 24/7. Text, Call, Email. I don't care!

I'm here to make sure you stay excited and ready.

But in the meantime, here are a few helpful tips that are a MUST!

  • Wear LOOSE fitting clothes to the studio to avoid marks on your skin from tight fabrics. (i.e Jeans, Tight Bras)
  • Use CLEAR deodorant instead of white if you can.
  • Do NOT spray tan. Please for the love of all gods, don't do it.
  • IF you decide you want to get a wax before your shoot, schedule your wax at LEAST a week before your shoot to avoid bumps and redness.
  • Don't fast! I know you want to stay "slim" before your shoot but really, it'll make you feel/look worse. Eat something light but DO NOT STARVE.
  • Drinks LOTS of water, and take a shot of tequila to ease your nerves if you want ;) But definitely drink lots of water the morning of your shoot to keep your healthy glow.
  • STRETCH! Seriously, you will regret it and feel like you got hit by a bus if you do not stretch before your shoot. I will literally be making you bend in all kinds of ways you wouldn't even imagine you being able to do. So stretching is a MUST!