Collections & A La Carte

Collections & A La Carte

A La Carte

Glass Folio Keepsake Box

silver | rose gold | black

10 images:500

20 images: 600

30 images: 700

Wall Art

luxury metal prints

8x12’’ 200

16x24’’ 300

20x30’’ 500

24x36’’ 700

40x60’’ 800



deluxe material album

8x8’’ (20 images): 400

10x10’’ (30 images): 600

12x12’’ (40 images): 900

*digital collection add on: 100


Digital Collections

digital images for print / social media

10 Digital Images 250

20 Digital Images 350

30 Digital Images 450

40 Digital Images 550

*Digital Collections Come with Print Release & USB


Want the best bang for your buck? Purchase a Collection

Collection I

1400 (2550 Value)

10x10’’ Album w/ 30 images

10-image Folio Box

(3) 16x24’’ Metal Prints

Full Digital File Collection

Collection II

675 (1150 Value)

8x8’’ Album w/ 20 images

Full Digital File Collection

8x12’’ Metal Print

Collection III

575 (950 Value)

10-image Folio Box

8x12’’ Metal Print

10 Digital Images


Pre-session payment plans means less wait time waiting for your products AND you do not have to worry about paying after your session. So here is how it works:

You pick out the collection or your choice of a la carte items, that feels right for you. You can choose to pre-pay in full or we will set up a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan leading up to your shoot so you are paid in full by session day and have nothing to worry about. When you pre-purchase, it allows us to create images during your session with specific products in mind and ensures your greatest satisfaction


You must fill out a card authorization form consenting to automatic payments and allow me to run your card on your chosen dates.

When it comes to investing in yourself, nailing out a comfortable budget is KEY. Not only do I offer pre-session payment options, but I also make it SUPER EASY to figure out which timeline will be best for you! You can choose a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payment.