HIIIIII, Im Krystie Lee.

I specialize in Concerts, Portraits, Boudoir, Band Promo's, Events, and Landscape photography based in Houston , Texas. I strive to be the best I can be with any kind of theme for shoots. Whatever my clients have in mind, I will do my best to give them exactly what they want. I do it all while continuing to learn along the way which makes it even more fun and exciting for not only myself but my clients as well.

Krystieelee Photography is all about capturing any moment in time and turning it into something beautiful that you can look back on and cherish forever. I am proud of how far I have come with my photography journey and how I am continuing to push my limits I never Imagined being able to push.

Photography, In my opinion, is more than just "taking a pic" its my own version of therapy and it helps me enjoy and truly see the beauty in life while capturing all the small things we all mistakenly take for granted.

Photo: Jim Louvau



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"Krystie is an exceedingly talented Houston event photographer, and she’s especially skilled at shooting concerts and shows. She’s naturally gifted at capturing the physicality and raw emotion of performers doing their thing, as well as the unrestrained joy of people dancing and enjoying the show together. If you’re throwing an event that will draw a huge crowd, we can’t recommend Krystie enough, as she has an innate ability to capture the individual little human dramas going on within large crowds."

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