Krystiee Lee's Boudoir Guide


You are here because you took the plunge. You're officially scheduled to do your boudoir or maternity boudoir shoot with me, Krystie Lee! I am so stoked for the badass time we are going to have together during your shoot. Even though its an exciting day it will also make you a bit nervous, BUT I guarantee you, you will see any nervousness you might have quickly fade away within the first couple of clicks from my camera.

In this guide I'll be giving you the rundown on your shoot from what to expect during the session, clothing and location ideas and even a FAQ section where you can see answers to some of my clients most common questions leading into a Boudoir session.


One definition goes on to say, 'a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining’.

It makes sense that boudoir photography is most commonly understood as women in various forms of undress in a bedroom. While boudoir photography has formerly been known as a way for women to give saucy portraits to their partners, boudoir has changed... for the better.

Boudoir is all about bringing out your inner beauty and simply letting it shine.. It's nothing but you and it's one of the most empowering experiences you can have. No matter your gender identification, boudoir can be an amazing way to truly connect with yourself, spark your confidence, and just have fun letting lose for an hour!

So boudoir, by MY definition, is owning your inner beauty and stepping into the truth of who you are and tap into your inner-bad bitch that has been begging to be released.

It's only for you.



A session with me is super fun and based around getting you to tap into your inner wild side so you can let go and embrace the beautiful person you were designed to be.

I am here to guide you 100% of the way. No need to start a secret Pinterest board of steamy photos. I'm here to pose and prompt you so you can feel most confident in front of the camera. You'll not only feel confident, but ill make sure you'll look confident and comfortable. I will provide step by step posing instruction from your head to your toes, from your expression to your fingertips.

Our session will last about 2+ hours and I will be snapping away the whole time. As you get more comfortable, you'll probably find that you'll begin to pose yourself and you'll probably end up having your own ideas of posing!

What the F%CK Do i wear?

During your shoot you will get to decide which level of undress is most comfortable for you. Some clients end up fully nude while others opt for more modest bodysuits or even oversized tees. It's all about what works for you-- what makes you feel confident, secure, and most of all- relaxed.


Choose lingerie that reflects your personality and style. If you're not the one for lace, or if you don't love the strappy look, pick something that is more true to you.

Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear. I suggest going through what you already own to find something to wear. If you want to buy something, take time trying it on and testing it out at home-- is it comfortable, can you move, is it flattering?

Know your body type. Wear clothing that fits your body. If you're comfortable, pop into a lingerie store that has a variety of options so you can see what looks best. All bodies are beautiful and unique-- take time to find what works best. If you feel like you look good, your confidence will be visible in your photos.

If your shoot is outside, bring some layers and options.

Ask for help! I have a mini studio closet with a few lingerie options and more! I am here to help will be your personal stylist and provide you with outfit and lingerie ideas before your session.


  • Lingerie that doesn't fit right. It can be SUUUUUPER common to get lingerie that is too tight. Pay attention to fit. TRUST ME ON THIS!
  • Wearing tight fitting clothing prior to your shoot. Tight clothing can crease the skin and make awkward lines, which i can totally photoshop out of your images but lets try to avoid that. Try wearing something comfortable on your way to the shoot so your skin is smooth upon arrival.

I am 100% here for you and would love to make this boudoir session a great feel-good and empowering experience. Our wardrobe consult will be amazing time to find what works best for you so you can have an incredible session. For your consult, feel free to text me images of your options so we can take a look and find what we think will work best.

Im availble to text 24/7 :)


As of right now, I rent out several boudoir studios within the houston area. My top favorite location is A GORGEOUS vintage loft in the heart of downtown Houston, It is pretty much where I do 90% of my luxury boudoir shoots because of the space, the lighting, and the overall tones throughout the studio. This does not have to be your studio though, trust me... The options are limitless, and if you want more info on other studios definietlety reach out!


Head into the wild with us as you release your inner feminine! Outdoor boudoir session as becoming more common as people look to connect more to nature to feel their beauty. Beautiful woody forests, glistening streams, and sandy hills are all beautiful places to feel your inner wild rise up and shine.


Depending on your unique vibe and style, a hotel may be the perfect place for your session. Think vintage grandeur or sleek, modern styling. Hotels generally have large windows and sheer curtains making them the perfect space for boudoir! This session is all about you so if you envision a hotel, we can discuss it!


Maybe you've been reading all of these options and you're thinking 'none of these are quite right. I KNOW where I want my session to be!" That is PERFECT! Let's chat about your dream location and shoot there! I am open to travel and would love to bring your inner-confidence out in a space that calls your name.

The Loft Studio

How To Prepare

Preparing for your session is just as important as the session itself. There are some things you can do to best prepare yourself and we are going to go over all of them!


• Get a manicure. Cleaning up those nails is important because we will use your hands expressively during your shoot. If you have a manicure done before the session, depending on your style, you may want to stick with a more classic neutral color or french style. If you're going bold for your session, then go bold with your nail color!

• Avoid fake tanning unless you are a frequent tanner and know what you are doing.

• IF you decide you want to get a wax before your shoot, schedule your wax at LEAST a week before your shoot to avoid bumps and redness.

• Ensure your outfit selection fits and is comfortable,

• Lower your salt intake and avoid alcohol if you're worried about retaining water.


• Wash your hair. If you wash your hair the day of your session it may be harder to style. That second day hair is perfect for stylists!

• Pack your bag so you're not thinking about it the day of your shoot!


• Be sure to lotion your legs.

• Eat something light, but filling, before you leave home for your shoot.

• Put on clear deodorant.

• If you're having your makeup done on location, moisturize your face and arrive

without makeup on! We have you covered!

• Wear something loose and comfortable to avoid lines and creases on the skin. Try a maxi dress.



Sexy is a word that is thrown around A LOT these days. Our idea of sexy has been refined through the years by mass media and marketing and a lot of people don't 'feel sexy' because they don't fit into the mold of what society says 'sexy' is. You know what we say? You ARE sexy because the sum of who you are makes you a beautiful person! Your personality, quirks and courage make you sexy. Done and done.


Your session (if not a mini) will be about 2+ hours long-that includes makeup and hair time if chosen. I've found that this time limit is perfect for choosing outfits, changing and getting just enough variety of outfits, poses and set ups for you to have plenty of images to choose from!


Your images are yours and I will not show them to anyone or put them online unless I ask for permission and you grant it. Your privacy is of utmost importance to me.


Yes! Sessions outside of Texas are available upon request


Yes! Payment plans are available on your products. I also accept all major credit cards.


One of the most frequently asked questions is "I don't know how to pose! Will you help me?" and the answer is YES! I pose my clients 100% the entire time, seriously from your hair to your toes. It will not be left up to you to figure out how to pose. I pride myself in having done lots of research and lots of practice with posing any and all body types. I know what angles and poses will look best.. That's what I'm here for!


Boudoir Testimonials


"Nerves will always be there before any kind of shoot but once you meet Krystie you’ll be completely blown away by how easy she is to get along with. From preshoot help to during shoot confidence boost your mind will truly change about the whole experience. Just be sure to stretch well and completely take your mind away from what you’re doing and just go with the flow. Let the feelings come out and enjoy the fun because once you see your pictures , you’ll want to start planning your next."

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